How to purchase a new account

There are 4 steps

To create a new minearcade account, you must follow these steps:

   1. Register

You need create a normal minearcade account inserecting the username, email and passowrd. Note: the accounts will be created maximum 7 days!


You need authenticate to purchase a premium account re-inserecting all information.

   3.Select a type

You can choose a type of player, for example a normal player, a VIP or a staff...


You can purchase a new account.


If you already purchased accunt you

can't re-create a other premium account or you'll spend some money and that's it!

Once you have purchased an account you can delete it, but there will be no refund!

You musn't skip steps to purchase Minearcade.


The gift codes

If you would like to buy a new gift code you can purchase here!

The gift code is used to give an account for someone else.